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Our Services

We help firms operating in the financial services industry with algorithmic solutions that automate the extraction of research intelligence from structured and unstructured data. We use the tools of machine learning and big data to create products that automate significant parts of skilled manual processes, bringing with it large productivity gains and the ability to scale research.

Our Expertise

AlgoCircle has been founded by professionals with deep expertise in data, statistics and large scale programming, as well as long experience of the financial markets. Our founders have gained their edge working in senior positions for banks and mutual funds as traders, asset managers, researcher managers and software architects.

Data Management

We build datasets from structured and unstructured data sources by utilising machine learning and technologies like web scrapping. Underlying data could be numeric or textual.
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Credit Research

Using advanced sentiment analysis and text classification, we go beyond the numbers to predict credit and banckruptcy from textual publications.
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Automated Trade Signals

Combining machine learning techniques with traditional technical analysis, our automated trade signals product provides reliable alpha with a configurable amounts of risk.


Our coffee commodity news and analytics platform CoffeePulse uses deep learning and automatic summarisation to produce market insights days before mainstream news.